Established in 1987 with only two people, Star Dot Systems, LLC is a small group of technical specialists who have been bringing unique products to market for over 25 years.  Within our small group we have a journeyman toolmaker, a CNC programmer, a former nuclear welding inspector, a former Plant Superintendent, a former airline captain, and even a professional singer/musician.  This collection of individuals represent literally hundreds of years of highly technical experience.  The obvious conclusion is that most of us are “older” folks.  As “older” folks we are the best at what we do than we have ever been.  We  have no interest in producing any product that is not the very best we can make it.  We do not manufacture a jillion low cost low quality items. 

Most companies spend their efforts at making their products cheaper in hopes of getting more business; we try to make our products better and hope to keep the price the same.  We have never lost a customer from dissatisfaction with our work or products.  Our motto is “If you want mediocre work, then go somewhere else.”

Although the “Star” in our company name suggests that we have always been involved in astronomy, and we do manufacture a proprietary telescope mount for computer controlled telescopes, our endeavors were originally directed towards designing assembly equipment for the automotive industry.  If you have ever owned a Nissan, Saturn, Chrysler, or Toyota product, then you have already been indirectly involved with our work.  Our proprietary front suspension is OEM equipment on one of the two place experimental aircraft manufactured domestically. Those familiar with computer operating systems will immediately recognize the significance of our registered trademark *.sys™

If you have any questions regarding our products or services, please send us an email at: